Friday, March 9, 2007

Short Bout of Optimism.

Let's all burn holes in our pockets and make mixtapes full of the songs that we chose because of what they mean, not for what we think the recipient will enjoy. And we wouldn't sneer at power chords anymore and our jokes wouldn't be at anyone else's expense. We'd crowd bathroom stalls in a greyhound station of a city we've never been to before and share giant beers. You know the ones. We'd never get caught but we wouldn't take our freedom for granted. And it wouldn't matter about our interests being linear, as everything would be seen as congruent. And we'd discover how to sever the line between certain souls and the culture they appreciate. There would still be critics, and critism of the critism, but we wouldn't forget to share the last laugh. We'd stay up late.

and we would be genuinely considerate of each other. and it would be without expectation of reciprocation.

1 comment:

Justin Jones said...

I like what the words "Giant Beers" makes me picture.