Thursday, June 7, 2007

Punishment and Crime of Binomials: A Syntactic Sociological Experiment.

Hey wouldn't it be a funny sociological experiment to flip those english constructs wherein there are two words juxtaposed and seperated with an and/or but are always said in a particular order. They're called binomials i think. Then gauge reations? I think it would be very funny. I would ask for quiet and peace, the pepper and salt, games and fun. I would exclaim that it is raining dogs and cats outside! and that this pork is indeed sour and sweet. Sweeter than matrimony and love, or a jelly and peanut-butter sandwich. That perhaps we should go out for some chips and fish later. I will complain about the state of order & law today, calling for a times & life documentary on anthropomorphic cops. Because anthropomorphic cops are even funny on their own.

Hilarious. Updates to come. Die or Do.

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