Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dog's mouths are cleaner than humans.

In addition to the existing list of what I have to feel sorry for myself about, I found another augmentation sitting in my email inbox this morning. I have been denied entrance to the UofC this coming fall. This really wasn't a suprise, seeing as my GPA was just borderline acceptable, but it fucks with my 'ideal' plan. As well as it hurts to be rejected by anything, expectation notwithstanding. The UofC was to solve this restlessness I can't seem to escape. I'm really not meant for working full time, it's too depressing. I guess my only course of action is to take high school upgrading classes, take another dip in the sine wave-pool and get my feet wet for university next year.

With my newfound penchant for escapism, I spent yesterday evening indulging myself in irony and cinamon kit kat bars at Dollar Cinema with some pals. We saw The Number 23. Holy shit. I was expecting it to be bad, but it undoubtedly exceeded these expectations. I thought there would be casual references to discordian chaos theory, or at least one reference to the illuminatus trilogy, at which point the wikipedian in me would cheer. Failing that, I hoped to see Jim Carrey fuck some shit up, and it disapointed on both accounts. What I got was a very poorly concieved compilation of hollywood cliches, with the added twist of "stylistically dark" (gratuitously gothic) imagery. And Jim Carrey is always holding this fuckin' saxophone but he never plays it! what the fuck!

THAT ASIDE, I certainly enjoyed myself, as one assuredly will at Dollar Cinema regardless of which movie they are seeing. The nights are growing clearer, and with it a sense of innocence and possibility.

xbxrx is a band i've been aware of for years, but never really got into them untill recently. Their newest full length "Wars" has really grabbed my attention. It sounds more like the actualisation of their sound than an attempt to be more serious, as pitchfork insinuates. I think they're a band that, while not "maturing" are growing more comfortable with themselves and can still keep up their energy. Fucking great, punk/hardcore songs. This is what vocal distortion should sound like:

xbxrx - Wars

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