Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sorry, I was too busy being awesome.

Ok. Admittedly I am a terrible blogger. Due in part to circumstances beyond my control, re: computer malfuntion, but I should credit it mostly to my own lack of ambition. I've decided to not go into the past month here, its details, anecdotal and poignant, shall be left only to my bedroom walls, and in a more ambiguous version to my coworkers. That's it.

I've recently become quite interested in the finnish musician Marja Kokkonen, AKA Islaja, having heard some of her songs on a Fonal Records compilation. I've since come across her new album 'Ulual YYY' and become quite taken with her. I think that this obvious finnish translation from the fonal records websites quite eloquently, albeit simply, sums up how I feel about her:

Islaja as a concept has turned into a star that is expected to shine with brilliance. But she is something else. The songs tell us about the decay of our age, its demise and immorality. Its plunge into heartless consumer culture. Islaja herself does not burn in that same fire. Her fire is an inner fire. Behind her eyes and in her heart you can see and hear her true charisma. True dedication and utter disrespect for the artificial authority made by men. Yet she is not the self-destructive Nico or the eccentric Björk. But a good woman. A tough one. Her eyes can burn a hole in you. Her songs are poems and stabbing knives.

Because her lyrics are in finnish, my entire emotional reaction is based on sounds instead of lyrics, which is not something that I really normally experience. Because it sounds so original and haunting, I don't even have to know what she is saying to know her heart is in the right place. Check it:

Islaja - Ulual YYY

I'll start real updates again soon. Hopefully writing?

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