Friday, May 11, 2007

Vivid and uninhibited.

I'm currently reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I'm finding it strangely captivating in its story and narrative, because I havn't really gotten far enough to grasp its larger themes and ideas. The protagonist is this submissive, apathetic type who, much like in the last epic I read: Thomas Pynchon's V., is searching for something he has lost. I don't know why i've been so attracted to books such as this lately, i've been thinking of tackling Infinite Jest sometime soon, so expect me to be talking about books a lot in here. This protagonist dreamily stumbles across, in psuedo-gumshoe style, an underworld of characters who, parallell to Montrealers, encapsulate all the aspects of the platonic vs. sexual relationship dynamic. In more recent chapters, I'm sensing a shift towards the surreal which i'm looking forward too. I'll make sure all you interested readers hear all my opinions about the wind-up bird chronicle in their most vivid and uninhibited.*

The girls have all shed their extra layer of spring coats, legs and shoulders fully exposed but still in their winter skin. Summer cells will come quickly enough, but not before their ice cream cones melt over the sides. I'll be spending my days in the park (see: Prince Arthur;)) watching the girls through my shameless sunglasses, like some character in a Camus novel. Legs crossed in a way that i'm conviced makes me look cute, just Murakami and me. Sitting just to the right of me is the hope that one of these girls will talk to me. I am that open book in my lap, and for the first time in a couple months I have the energy to meet someone new.

I just found this album on my roomate's computer and listened to it without prerequisite for doing so. I was sweetly suprised. My internet research has lead me to believe they are something of an enigma. If I were ever to use the adjective "lush" when describing electronic music, it would be when talking about Black Moth Super Rainbow. Download this.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum

*Sarcastic Tone

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T. Lennox said...

You are in for a great ride. Those books are two of my holy trinity. Get Gravity's Rainbow if you haven't already.